Designing Digital Assignments


This site was created by Valerie Lopes from the Centre for Academic Excellence, and Jennifer Peters from Seneca Libraries.

Are you thinking of adding a digital element to an assignment or project? Technology can enhance or hinder learning so this site provides strategies to help save yourself and your students frustration.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Describe the characteristics of a digital assignment based on principles of learning.
  2. Identify various types of digital assignments that are linked to a specific learning outcome.
  3. Create an outline and strategy for a digital assignment that is linked to a specific outcome in one of your subjects.

F2F workshop agenda:

  • Definition and why digital? – 15 mins
  • Break into pairs and evaluate an assignment with design issues. (LO 1) – 15 mins
  • Overview of design tips and template. (LO 1) -15 mins
  • Overview of ideas for digital assignments.
  • Break into pairs and compare different types of digital assignments (short video vs. long video vs. website). (LO 2) – 15 mins
  • Use the design template to design a new digital assignment or convert an existing non-digital, text-based assignment. (LO 3) – 30 mins

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